We’re delighted to be recipients a Grant from the Musicians Club of Women in Chicago!Founded in 1875, MCW is one of the oldest musical organizations in Chicago, continuously supporting emerging and established women musicians.

Now that we’ve wrapped up our recording sessions, another round of work begins as we comb through all the raw audio to mix the best takes. With our very talented sound engineer, Yuri Lysoivanov, at the helm, this process, which can be daunting, has been going smoothly and we’re thrilled with how it’s coming together already! Here’s some fun pictures from the recording and editing process:

There’s still lots to do, including booklet design, finishing the master, liner notes…we’re eager to get our album out into the world but know that patient, diligent work yields the best results. We look forward to announcing our release date, soon!

We’re thrilled that, along with our generous community of private donors, we recently received grant support for Modern Muses by the Musicians Club of Women, a beloved organization devoted to supporting women musicians in the Chicago area. We have both been members for several years, and in fact, it was for these very women that we performed many of these selections for the first time! It’s exciting to share this project with our member sisters, and we’re so grateful to have been chosen to receive their support. We look forward to presenting the fruits of our labors for the club once Modern Muses is complete! 

If you’d like to know more about this wonderful organization and its impressive legacy, please check them out: musiciansclubofwomen.org

And a huge round of applause, indeed, to all of our donors – YOU have made this possible; you have been a part of making something magical this year and we’re honored by your faith in us and belief in the value of the project. We simply cannot wait to get this album into your hands! Thank you!!

No doubt this has been an exceptional year, in mainly unfortunate ways. Challenging times also present us with opportunity: to see things differently, to shake up old habits, to do things that weren’t possible during the status quo. And so, the Modern Muses project was born.

Well, not born exactly, because we have been performing this music for years, ever since we became good friends and wanted an excuse to spend more time together and collaborate. It so happens that there aren’t a lot of well-known pieces for soprano and cello duet, and so began a treasure hunt of sorts. After hours in the Northwestern University library and combing the internet, we found a neat little collection of pieces to perform, vowing that one day we would record these hidden gems, many of which have never before been recorded.

It’s hard to carve out time in the margins for special projects, and this album got pushed to the back burner season after season until the world came to halt in the spring of 2020, as COVID-19 made it unsafe to carry on with our performance commitments. We saw our chance to at last fulfill our intentions, and in August, the gears started turning to make it happen.

Although we’ll remember this year as one full of obstacles, we will have something wonderful to show for it, with what we hope will be a lasting contribution to an underappreciated niche of classical music.