Paul Ayres

Paul Ayres was born in London, studied music at Oxford University, and now works freelance as a composer & arranger, choral conductor & musical director, and organist & accompanist. His music has been awarded, or shortlisted for, composition prizes in Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Paul has received over one hundred commissions for new pieces, and he particularly enjoys “re-composing” classical repertoire (Purcell, Bach, Handel, Fauré) and “classicizing” pop music (jazz and show tunes, The Beatles, Happy Hardcore). 

Alexis Bacon

Alexis Bacon is an award-winning composer recognized nationally and internationally for her acoustic and electroacoustic music. She has received commissions for chamber music from many prominent artists. A Fulbright scholar to France, she completed graduate studies at the University of Michigan and undergraduate studies in music composition and viola at Rice University. She is currently Assistant Professor of Composition at Michigan State University.

Antonio Bibalo

Antonio Bibalo studied piano as a youth in Trieste, Italy, but his life took an eventful turn when he was drafted into the Italian army during World War II. Imprisoned after desertion, he escaped, only to be forced to fight with the German army. Captured and imprisoned by the U.S forces, he eventually made his way back from the U.S. to Trieste, where he worked as a bar pianist. He traveled to Marseilles on foot to study composition, but got swept up into the French Foreign Legion. Once more he escaped, going to London and finally settling in Norway in 1956. From 1962 on he had a series of successful operas, and became one of Norway’s most successful composers of the latter 20th century. In 1992 Bibalo was awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav, first class.

Katherine Dudney

Katherine Dudney is a composer, producer, cellist, and vocalist. As a California native, she began studying the cello and voice at an early age, and later completed a Bachelor of Music degree in cello performance from California State University. Using the classical technique, Katherine has created a novel style of music where she plays and sings simultaneously in live performances. Her music has been described as angelic and haunting with a clear soprano tone soaring above the lower registers of the cello. Passionate about incorporating different styles of music into her compositions, she draws from various genres, including classical, pop/rock, folk, celtic, and electronic. Katherine is also a producer, and uses Ableton Live to compose and produce her original and virtuosic music. She has performed and recorded with various bands and artists in California, Oregon, and Colorado where she currently lives. From her home studio Katherine continues to write and produce new music.

Stacy Garrop

Dr. Stacy Garrop is an award-winning, nationally recognized freelance composer and lecturer whose music is centered on dramatic and lyrical storytelling. Her catalogStacy Garrop shares stories by taking audiences on sonic journeys – some simple and beautiful, while others are complicated and dark – depending on the needs and dramatic shape of the story. She is a full-time freelance composer living in the Chicago area. She has received numerous prestigious awards, grants and commissions, and has held several artist residencies throughout America. Her work is well-represented on Cedille Records and other labels, and published by Theodore Presser and her own Inkjar Publishing companies. Stacy’s music is centered on dramatic and lyrical storytelling. For more information, please visit her website at or her all-things-composition blog at

Jean Hatmaker

Predominantly a performing artist, Jean has ventured twice into the composition realm, both times prompted by collaborations with the Youth Empowerment Performance Project of Chicago. Ahimsa, her piece for solo cello on this album, was written to be performed with modern dance (as was her first piece, What Fear, pictured performing right), but is satisfying as a stand-alone 6 minute piece which reflects her intimate knowledge of the cello. Her music is predominantly tonal with moments of challenging dissonance, lyrical yet textural, and above all, emotionally charged and vulnerable. (photo credit: Paul Crisanti)

Adrian Piraquibis

Born on July 8,1975 in Barranquilla, Colombia, Adrian Piraquibis inherited his love of music from his parents. He received his first musical training in guitar, Adrián A. Cuello Paraquibis is a Colombian composer who has been working in Spain since the late 1990s. He drew his love of music from his parents. His initial studies of music at conservatories in his hometown of Barranquilla and at the University of Antioquia in Medellin helped develop his proficiency in voice, choir, piano and composition. It was in Medellin in 1996 that he wrote his first composition, “Canción de Cuna”, the last song on this CD. From there he moved to Spain to continue his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza. He continues to live in Zaragoza, where he directs several notable choirs and teaches vocal technique. Mr. Cuello Paraquibis has published books on aural and vocal skills, as well as compositions in many genres.

Willem Stoppelenburg

Willem Stoppelenburg, patriarch of a remarkable family of artists, has worked actively as a conductor and pianist for several decades, particularly in his native Netherlands. As a composer he is self-taught and prolific, with three successful operas, orchestral and chamber compositions, and many choral and vocal works. He set Cavafy’s “Ionic” as part of Three Cavafy Songs, which are dedicated to his daughter Josefien, in 2014 for soprano and cello. At the initial performance, the cellist was suddenly unavailable, and Stoppelenburg rewrote the part on the spot for bassoon. This piece has never been recorded in its original version.

Ronald Tremain

Ronald Tremain’s mostly academic musical life took him from his native New Zealand to studies at the Royal College of Music in England, followed by teaching positions in New Zealand, London, the U.S. and finally to Canada in 1970, where he was Professor of Music at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. He was awarded several prizes for composition; many of his works of diverse genres are published and recorded. Tremain described his vocal and choral pieces as probably his “best and most characteristic music. I have always loved good poetry and I find it a fascinating challenge to discover apt musical imagery for verse, to unite verbal with musical rhythm and at the same time to make a satisfying musical structure.” In 1987, he selected four poems by William Blake to set to music; the two from Blake’s 1794 publication, Songs of Experience, “Ah, Sunflower!” and “The Sick Rose”, are represented on this recording.

Bernd Wolf

Bernd Johannes Wolf was educated in Bochum (Ruhr University, Musicology / English Studies), Cologne (Music Academy), and Scotland (Central Region, Stirling). In addition to being a music educator, Wolf composes and arranges works ranging from chamber music and vocal compositions to large symphonic settings. Some of his works have been published in print by the music publishing company edition49.