Project updates

We’re thrilled to say that, after lots of close listening and working with our great engineer Yuri Lysoivanov, we’ve finally got our masters completed! This means we’re just a few steps away from getting the music out into the world. Care for a teaser? We’ve uploaded a few tracks to our home page so you can hear the fruits of our labor.

We’re so grateful to our supporters who have been there for us every step of the way. A particular shout-out goes to Ted Hatmaker, who has been crafting incredibly inspiring liner notes to accompany the album. Josefien has been painting portraits of each of the composers to include in the album booklet (they’re BEAUTIFUL), and everyone has been listening over and over with a fine tooth comb to make the best rendering of this incredible music possible.

It’s not too late to support the project! Any and every donation is tax-deductible, and right now, donations are the only, not to mention easiest, way to pre-order a copy and also ensure that you receive the limited edition run of the album, complete with signed album booklet of notes and Josefien’s stunning artwork. Click here to donate and reserve your copy!

What’s next? We’ve been talking with a few record labels, and there’s a strong chance we’ll have exciting news on that front over the coming weeks. Stay tuned 😉 for announcements about the album release!

listening intently over Zoom…

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